Pure Life.

Our founder’s drive to research and deliver the highest quality, most effective nutritional products has led to the creation of our comprehensive line of Pure Life products.

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25 years of excellence.

After 25 years, our Aloe is still organically grown, harvest and filleted by hand utilizing the highest quality Aloe vera plants and the proprietary processing technique developed by our founder. Our potent immune support powder, VitAloe®, is rich in Acemannan. From our pure Aloe Gelée to our entire line of age-defying skin care products, HWH World also offers the highest quality topical Aloe based products.

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25 years providing nutritional solutions to health

Science-backed product research

Formulated to meet the highest level of purity and quality

Produced in GMP Certified facilities

Tested in our own in-house GMP Certified lab tests

Personalized to you!

When it comes to your health, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Through our focus on offering personalized nutrition, you can finally discover which nutritional products are right for YOU. Our Member Packs are designed to help you change your normal by supporting cellular renewal, feeding your body Superfood nutrition, and exchanging one meal per day with a nutrient-dense smoothie. The next step is to round out your nutritional regimen with products that give you the support you need the most.


I take many HWH World products and have noticed a difference since adding this VitAloe™ to my regimen. I had a stroke five months ago and feel it is helping my recovery. In fact, my doctor has commented that my recovery is remarkable.

Buster C.



Commitment to Quality

Throughout its 25 years, HWH World has remained dedicated to the most rigorous quality control. All HWH World products are produced in GMP certified facilities, and our own in-house GMP-certified lab tests every batch of product before shipping to our Members. We invest heavily into our laboratory equipment, personnel and quality control processes to ensure that every product you receive is exactly what the label says it is, and will do exactly what we say it will do. Our goal at HWH World is to always exceed industry standards in our commitment to delivering pure, potent and quality nutritional products to you.

Product Testing

• Nutritional content must meet or exceed label claim
• Microbiology testing to ensure safety and purity from harmful bacteria, yeast and mold
• pH, ORP and surface tension when applicable
• Allergen tests to determine that common allergens are not present
• GMO testing when applicable
• Heavy metal testing
• Dissolvability/disintegration testing
• Shelf life stability testing

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