Core Nutrition for a Healthier Life

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Key Benefits:
Supports the body’s rejuvenation system*
Nutritionally supports bone marrow and the body’s natural stem cell production*
Nutritionally supports the body’s natural production of Urolithin A*

What is it?
SA-Core is the next generation of stem cell support nutrition. This unique formula is comprised of 100% natural plant extracts, Vitamin D and a patented probiotic. SA-Core nourishes the bone marrow to support your body’s natural processes for producing and increasing levels of circulating stem cells. It also provides the compounds necessary to produce healthy levels of Urolithin A, a metabolite linked with healthy aging and cognitive function. ".*

What is it formulated to do?
SA-Core has been formulated utilizing the latest science to nourish your body on a cellular level. By supporting your natural production of both Stem Cells and Urolithin A, it offers you core nutrition for healthy aging. SA-Core gives your body a greater ability to restore and rejuvenate itself.*