Spirulina Tablets (200)

Organic Phytonutrients

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200 tablets

Key Benefits:
Vegetarian source of protein*
Cleansing and detoxifying*
Excellent source of phytonutrients*

What is it?
Spirulina is a blue-green algae that contains an incredible array of nutrients. Spirulina is 70% plant protein and it offers both detoxification and immune support benefits. Its numerous phytonutrients act as powerful antioxidants.

What is it formulated to do?
Spirulina is abundant in chlorophyll, which cleanses the body of the toxins and heavy metals we are exposed to every day. It is the most nutritionally complete algae on the planet, and it is easy to make it a part of your diet with RBC Life’s Certified Organic tablets and powder.
Who may benefit?
Anyone can benefit from this all-natural, organic, nutrient-dense supplement.

How is it used?
Take 2 tablets 3 times daily.