Antioxidant Beverage from Nature's Tree of Longevity

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30 oz

Key Benefits:
Supports the immune system*
Increases energy levels*
Supports the cardiovascular system*

What is it?
OliViva is an age defying drink made from freshly harvested olive leaves, Aloe vera, and KonaRed™ fruit. Our fresh olive leaf is processed within hours to retain the naturally active polyphenols and phytonutrients.

What is it formulated to do?
OliViva provides the incredible age defying power of fresh olive leaf along with other legendary botanicals to give you a healthy boost of energy, immunity support, and the benefits of one of the most heart protective nutrients available.*

Who may benefit?
Anyone can benefit from this unique nutritional beverage.

How is it used?
Simply drink 1 ounce of OliViva a day, every day for maximum benefit. Users have found that they can drink OliViva any time of the day and even add it to fruit juice or a smoothie for a quick and delicious nutritional boost.*